Verruca Treatment

Swift treatment – £120

Needling treatment – £265

Cryotherapy using Cryopen (verruca treatment) – £65

All verruca treatments require an initial assessment to determine suitability.

Although harmless, verrucas can be uncomfortable or unsightly, and can cause embarrassment or confidence issues. We can help you with advice and treatment to remove them.

What is a Verruca?

We can help you with advice and treatment in the hope to remove your verruca. However, there is no one treatment that is 100% successful in the removal of verruca’s.

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Verruca Treatment with Swift

A new technology developed for the treatment of skin lesions, Swift uses microwave energy delivered through a special probe. This is applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

Prior to treatment, we carry out an initial assessment, ensuring that it is suitable for you. Some minor discomfort may be experienced during treatment. The pain levels are reported to be similar to an injection or scratch, lasting only a couple of seconds before subsiding. After treatment, the affected area may feel sore but you will be able to continue with your daily routine immediately.

In some cases, more than one treatment may be required, spaced at fortnightly to monthly intervals. We will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your particular skin.

Verruca Needling

A treatment rising in popularity, verruca needling involves puncturing the verruca repeatedly with a small needle, causing bleeding and stimulating the body’s immune system into recognising and destroying the virus causing the verruca. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and is therefore pain-free. You may experience some soreness once the anaesthetic has worn off, but this is short-lived and can be managed with paracetamol.

In most cases, the treatment is successful and no follow up treatment is required. We provide full advice on how to care for the treated area and encourage you to get in touch if needed.

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