First Visit


Your first visit to our clinic is an important one, where we can get to know you a bit better and work on treatment and advice to keep your feet healthy.

The appointment usually takes around 45 minutes in total but can stretch to an hour in some cases.

What happens during my appointment?

On arrival, we will check you are feeling fit and well before inviting you into the clinic. We will then ask you a number of standard questions about your medical history relating to your feet.

We will begin with a vascular and neurological assessment of your feet. During the vascular assessment, we check your pulse, blood flow and circulation and assess your feet for any numbness or insensitivity. We then move on to the neurological testing, assessing pressure, temperature, your balance and muscle strength.

We will also carry out a diabetic foot assessment if applicable, checking there is no damage to the nerves or vascular supply.

Any treatment needed is included in your appointment. For more involved treatment, we can book a follow up appointment.

Treatment room

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