Diabetic Foot Assessments


Foot health is incredibly important for people with diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood can cause damage to nerves. This can affect any nerve in the body but usually targets the longest nerves first, which may result in a gradual loss of feeling in the foot. People with diabetes are also at a higher risk of foot ulcers and infections that could become much more severe if left untreated.

It is recommended that all people with diabetes see a podiatrist at least once a year for a foot assessment.

We will send a covering letter to your GP with your consent.

What does the assessment involve?

At your annual foot check, we will assess the following:

  • We will thoroughly examine your feet, looking for any corns, calluses and changes in shape.
  • We will also ask if you have experienced or noticed any problems or changes to your feet, or any pain or discomfort.
  • We will carry out a vascular assessment, checking for proper blood flow and supply to the foot.
  • We will perform a neurological assessment, testing your feet for numbness or any changes in sensation.

At the end of your assessment, we will inform you of the results and also send a covering letter to your GP. We will provide advice and information on caring for your feet, with an agreed treatment plan if appropriate.

Diabetic Foot

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